One Square Pant

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pants are sold unhemmed

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Jesse Christenson J.C. Jesse C.
Good pants, fit a little small.

I found these pants to be tighter in the waist than my Puma and Nike pants of the same size. Otherwise terrific pants.

Keith K. Keith
Great Material

I just received my first pair of AF pants. I had to wear them as soon as possible. There are one of the most comfortable pants that I now own and can be warn either casually or for work.

My only recommendation is to add an unfinished length to the mix to allow for a custom length.

Geoff Tamman G.T. Geoff T.
Simple and Quick

AF pants are now by far my favorite in the closet. At work, play and at a wedding the pant has been the perfect choice.

But the best part is how well they travel. I often take flights of 10+ hours, and have never been as comfortable vs previous flights with jeans or dress trousers. I will not fly in any other pant now! Seriously comfortable.