Make Me a Bicycle, Clown Polo

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Gibran's Notes
  • White and multi stripe short sleeve dress polo for men
  • Super soft blend - 46% cotton / 46% poly / 8% spandex
  • Short collar, button placket, and collar in white poly/cotton blend
  • Arm band and hem detailed in yellow cotton
  • Imported Italian buttons detail 4 button placket
  • Sewn in collar stays to keep your edge straight
  • Made in the USA
Care: Machine wash cold. Lay flat or hang to dry.

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Wright-Field T.W. Thomas W.

I lucked out in getting this "Clown Polo" and am sooo glad! The fit and look is perfect - and has already produced some jealous friends....who hopefully soon be clients of Alial Fital as well.

Keep these great styles coming. T

Gage G. Gage

This is so different than any other AF polo, but that's part of what I love about it! The color scheme is perfect and the fabric is as soft as ever. This polo is easily one of my favorites and yields plenty of compliments! A+ work, Gibran!