Grey Herringbone QTR Vest

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Crisp and concise layering piece

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Skylar Kangas S.K. Skylar K.
Great take on a vest

I was a little hesitant to rock a vest again. Is it in style, is it not? I took the plunge with this one and have worn it a bunch.

A few reasons I am a fan:
1) Pockets are backward facing. Great idea. They don't bulge then on the front like a sweatshirt. This keeps the silhouette.
2) The Herringbone detail and fabric is perfect for modernizing the vest.
3) It was all about the collar for me. The 1/8 zip comes down just enough so when it is open, a polo with a bigger collar stands nicely. The collar gives a sleek, blade look and I love it.

Look forward to some more innovation on this product.

Jhase Lane J.L. Jhase L.
Fantastic piece

At this point, you could call me a collector of most things Alial Fital. The brand is amazing, the fit is always superb, and you know you are wearing something classy when both men and women compliment you on your attire on and off the course!