Stand Apart Magazine


I've recently fallen in love with Skill Share. It bills itself as "Classes taught by expert practitioners". I made my way to the site to take a specific class by Elle Luna called Choose Must. Having designed for multiple successful startups I was intrigued by the premise of the course. 10 exercises to help you find your true passion or "must". I would highly recommend it if the topic at all appeals to you.

I feel like I am currently doing my "must" with Alial Fital - so my intentions for taking the class were slightly different. I am obsessed about improving my creative process and so I've ventured out to learn from as many designers as I can. Elle's class really helped me define and distinguish a creative process that I can use moving forward.

The class of 10 exercises culminates with what she calls "finding your North Star". When you start the process you have no idea where it will end. My final "North Star" featured the words Fashion. Travel. Design. Sport. Inspiring People. written on a 4 x 6 notecard surrounded by relevant imagery. Is stared at it for a few days wondering what I had on my hands. 

Elle instructs you to create or experience something related to your "North Star" to set the journey. The thought of starting my own magazine which allowed me to dive into these themes above popped in my head. So I made one and the Stand Apart Magazine was born. I've switched over my under inspired style blog to the magazine format and couldn't be happier.