Tee Time - Alial Fital Style guide

Gibran Hamdan


MINT & GREEN Weekend

spruce up your tee time

Green pants? That's not me Gibran. I've heard this over and over but I have to say these things are straight cash money. Look no one you know is rocking them - I get it. So the thought of venturing out and listening to me sounds a bit off the reservation.

I will not give up though on my quest to put these in your life. Let me try this. "Man look at those hideous pine trees." Said no one ever. Lush looks good. In real life our eyes are drawn to lush landscapes and it's no different when you see the color in real life set against a bright spring sun and clear blue sky.

Give this combo a shot and I promise - I guarantee - you'll feel like a million $$$$$$$

Captain Coin Polo $95

Galaxy Green Pant $135

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