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BVP is Back

Just hit play to learn more. Here's to another outstanding year of golf, sponsorship, and most of all friendship. Couldn't be happier to have you back Bo

Unboxing Alial Fital

    Major thanks to one of our newest customers Andy Seth for taking the time and effort to post this video to Youtube highlighting our packaging.  We do take a lot of pride in delivering happiness not only through the dress polos themselves - but HOW they are delivered to you.     Our goal with packaging is simple - Deliver an unparalleled, unique, and customized experience for each and every customer - highlight the EXPERIENCE!

Bo in the Lead

 Congrats to Bo Van Pelt on his great round to open up at Congressional today. Being my hometown it was extra special that my parents and brother got to attend today and watch the Alial Fital Golf Polo in action. You can see the BVP lookbook here

BVP - US Open

I had the good fortune of catching up with our Golf Ambassador and friend Bo Van Pelt this weekend in San Francisco. While the outcome wasn't what he had hoped - he fared admirably against a course that in my humble opinion was simply not fair. I was actually walking the course and saying that...... FOR REAL. Bo is really such a great guy - whether it's interacting with the fans, his family, or the way he handles himself on the course, it's EASY to like him and what he stands for. We couldn't be happier that he is the...