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Indianapolis Colt Quarterback Matthew Hasselbeck & Denver Bronco All-Pro Ryan Clady in Alial Fital Mens Polo Shirts

What are the chances 2 All-Pros showing up to the same event in AF Ryan Clady & Matthew Hasselbeck sporting Alial Fital mens golf shirts, Limited Edition - Made in the USA

Doesn't Matter What You Play...

Dani Zorn

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We're All AF Ambassadors at heart.  Have you ever seen Alial Fital's polo shirts look so intimidating?  Last week, G spent a few days in L.A. with some of his NFL player friends and was able to take some shots of them wearing the Alial Fital Masters 2013 men's polo collection. These gentlemen surely are masters of this moment. And in three weeks, BVP will be on the road to be master OF the moment in Augusta, Georgia. So stand tall, be proud, and cheer on our guy, BVP at the Masters, April 11-14. 

Bryan Scott

We wanted to take a second and highlight Buffalo Bills Safety Bryan Scott. Not only is Bryan a former 2nd round NFL draft pick and starting safety for the Buffalo Bills, but also an incredibly talented musician and humanitarian. As a former teammate I witnessed first hand the importance Bryan places on helping and inspiring those less fortunate than him. In conjunction with his Show Your Dedication competition he has recorded his first single now available on iTunes aptly named "Dedicated". Be sure to check out the contest - he's giving one winner $5,000 towards their passion, a free iPad,...

NFL Players: Can and Do make a difference

It's been a couple of years since I last dressed for an NFL game and yesterday being Tuesday I was reminded of something that gets under reported and is under appreciated about many NFL football players. You see Tuesday is the one and only off day for every NFL team, except for the 49ers who take mondays off. Something I had the good fortune of doing on many of my off days as a player was volunteering and giving back to the various communities in the cities I played in. I was reminded of this fact yesterday as I talked...

53-man NFL Roster

With NFL teams cutting down to 53 roster spots by the end of the weekend I thought it may be interesting to break down the intracies of an NFL roster. As a career 3rd string QB, I had a first hand look at the makings of the 53-man final roster during what seemed like every training camp of my entire 7 year career. Sure you have your star players who know they are going to be on the team and even surefire backups who have solidified spots long before cut down day. However, there are many a player who are clawing tooth...

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