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BVP is Back

Just hit play to learn more. Here's to another outstanding year of golf, sponsorship, and most of all friendship. Couldn't be happier to have you back Bo

AF Lions = patent protected

AF Lions = patent protected It was a long and arduous task but the Alial Fital Lions are now Patent Protected. While the Lions are obviously significant for our branding efforts they are much more than that. They were developed to recognize my fathers love of Lions and highlight my parents Laila and Latif (whom the company was named after) hence 2 lions standing together.

AF Headquarters moves west

I’d say it’s about time to reveal the new HQ location. AF has moved west—1,660 miles to be exact—setting up shop in Seattle, Washington. The decision wasn’t easy. I have many loyal friends in Minnesota, and will always be fond of the place Alial Fital was conceived.   You might be asking yourself why we would move to a place where it rains all the time, but in reality, Seattle’s average rainfall is only 37 inches compared to New York City’s average of 50 inches. I’m just saying. These three new styles might not keep you dry ........ but you might...

BVP - Tour Championship

 Our guy is in the hunt. Go get em Bo!

George Wilson - A Buffalo Bill

He's a safety for the Buffalo Bills and one of the most generous and determined players OFF the field that I ever had the pleasure of meeting during my playing career. Seeing as he is also one of the most dapper gentleman I ever played with, I'm really proud that HE finds value in Alial Fital and has become a loyal customer. You can catch him in one of his AF limited edition polos in this recent interview about the expanding role of technology in football. Good luck this year GW - we'll be watching