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Future CEO

My son Pendleton visited the brand new Alial Fital HQ this weekend. It just so happens that the sign had just been raised. I think he approves! I'm excited about how the new space is shaping up. Hoping that if you live in Seattle or planning a fvisit in the future that you'll schedule a time to stop by and say hi.


Gibran Hamdan

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Needless to say life has changed big time since my wife Jenny and I welcomed our first child, Pendleton to the world in March. As every Father I have ever met told me before he was born "It's the greatest thing ever" - rings true on a daily basis. I am really fortunate to be his Dad and he gives me back ten fold of the effort I put in to raising him. I hope that he can learn to experience the joys of doing what you love to do and living life to the fullest - as I do...

Jon Dorenbos NFL Player / Magic Man / Alial Fital Ambassador

Ep. 209 Web Clip: Magic Man   NFL long snapper Jon Dorenbos has been an Alial Fital Ambassador for some time now. The life he's been able to create for himself despite the incredible adversity he suffered as a child is inspiring. You might ask what polos Jon Dorenbos is wearing in this segment? Alial Fital American Made polos. I am thankful and honored to have him as a customer and thank him for choosing to wear Alial Fital polo shirts on his recent interview on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.