Introducing Solids

Shayla Meininger


It's with great excitement that we'd like to present our new Solids Collection from Alial Fital. These polos offer the same quality and fit that you've come to know from AF, but in an variety of solid color designs.

I know that some of you may be thinking "Hey, these aren't the creative and unique polo shirts we usually see from AF?". Well, we want you to rest assured that Gibran's colorfully designed polos aren't going anywhere. We'll always be happy, excited and proud to bring you more of the original & creative designs you are used to. That will not change.


The idea for the Solids Collection came from a candid conversation CEO Gibran Hamdan had with his little brother Bush Hamdan. Bush has always loved the fit a quality of Gibran's polos, but as admittedly the less fashion-forward brother and the Co-Offensive Coordinator at Arkansas State, he finds Gibran's designs a little too much for him. They just didn't fit into his personal style or coaching staff dress code.

It wasn't long before Gibran came to the realization that "I have my own clothing line and my bro doesn't even wear my shirts." Bush helped us realize that there are times when a solid polo shirt is appropriate. We want everyone that loves Alial Fital to be able to wear our Solids Collection in those moments.


  • No Logo - Our solids collection was designed so you could make your own statement. We know there would be value in branding your chest but frankly we care more about you than branding.
  • Same Great Fit - You'll find the same great fit you are used to in our original polos with matching collars made of our super soft poly/cotton fabric.
  • Made in the USA - Sewn in the same place and with the same attention to detail that our impeccable fashion & golf polos are produced. No cutting corners, this is still a great American made product brought to you at an honest price.
  • Honest Product at an Honest Price - We're confident when you compare our Solids Collection to other competing products you'll be scratching your head wondering how you can get this price for an American made product.

The Solids may look like everyone else's polos, but once they're in your hands you'll know nothing else is going to compare. We're never going to stop innovating and challenging the design of mens polos, but for all those times when a solid is necessary, know that you can count on Alial Fital.

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