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Some of you may be wondering where the #FeelPlayer collection came from and what it's all about.  Being a small company it is important that we are loyal to those customers who are loyal to us and also reward them. We love it when customers share stories or experiences from their lives with us. It's definitely one thing that makes our work so rewarding.

In the interest of learning more about one of our AFAmbassadors in the Starting11, Jeff Reed, Gibran looked to Twitter. He noticed that Jeff & his buddies were frequently using #feelplayer in their tweets. Gibran joined the conversation in an effort to unlock the mystery. 

We’d like to share the origin of Feel Player with you as Jeff shared it with us.


"A few weeks ago, about 70 of us from the THP website got together in Florida for a weekend of golf.  A couple of us had went out to dinner at Nona Blue (G-Mac's restaurant) and when we left, of course I was in a rental car and I didn't know I was driving around with my lights off and couldn't for the life of me find the light switch.  My buddy Skittle, after a few laps says "Jeff, you're lights are off".  To which I reply, "It's fine.  I am a feel player."   We had to park the car because we were laughing so hard.  And #FeelPlayer was just kind of adopted as our battle cry for the weekend.  Kind of like the Wolf Pack on Hangover.  We were the Feel Players.  Mess something up?  It's ok, you're a feel player.  Drink a little too much the night before?  You're a feel player.  You get the point. 

We came home after an awesome weekend of golf, and many of us were still walking around in our back to normal, day to day life, saying "It's ok.  I'm a feel player."  One guy even pulled it out at the office on Tuesday morning.  #FeelPlayer now reminds me of good times with friends.  That sometimes, you don't have to know what your doing or where you are going, just as long as what you are doing feels right.  Maybe a little corny, but we had a good time with it and it takes us back to a weekend where the only thing that mattered were tee times, cold beers, cigars and friends."

After learning about the backstory, and how much it reminded him of his days spent in locker rooms with NFL teammates, Gibran asked Jeff if he could create a collection of limited edition polos in honor of the saying. Furthermore, he allowed the original #FeelPlayers to send in there own design inspirations for new shirts. 

Jeff agreed and went to work to corral the design ideas from the group. After sharing the concepts with Gibran, the AF team went to work to make their ideas a reality.

The #FeelPlayer collaboration has not only been a rewarding experience for us but a wonderful reminder that we really view our loyal customer base as an extended family and it brings us joy to involve and include them in what we're doing.

Last week we debuted the first two shirts in a series of Feel Player inspired dress polo’s. Check them out below ---


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