Why we don't put our logo on our Fashion Polo

Gibran Hamdan

I've gotten this question quite a bit since starting Alial Fital. Normally if someone is asking they don't like the fact that the outside of the polo shirt contains no branding. I'll get opinions like "your logo is so cool though", "It's free marketing", "You have to brand the polo shirts - how is anyone going to find out about you?".

If you're saying, "but wait Gibran I see your logo on a bunch of golf shirts", that is very true. Seeing as we sponsor Bo Van Pelt we do brand his right sleeve in case someone sees him on the course and likes our shirt enabling him to easily point out his shirt sponsor to strangers. Due to customer demand to have exact replicas of what Bo is wearing we did logo up some designs.

However, I am and always have been interested in not having our logo on even our golf shirts and this may be something we seriously consider moving forward. After all it's my contention that when someone sees a shirt on Bo they like that hasn't heard about our brand they just type "Bo Van Pelt shirts" into google.

Granted I do agree with the first argument above that our logo is cool. We have spent a lot of time on branding and ensuring that our logo is cool and that it honors who the company was named after, the great parents that raised me.  

With regards to the argument that "It's free marketing". I guess essentially that's true if I were to believe my customers bodies were billboards. Just because it's easy and or "free" doesn't mean it's right for my company.

Don't get me wrong many well known, successful, and influential brands and designers do choose to put their logo on the left chest and I respect their choice. Ultimately, I believe that you tend to be better dressed when you don't have logos on your body. What about a logo of a company would in anyway improve the way you look? If you believe so, why wouldn't they make the logo fill the entire shirt? Furthermore, when a man wants or needs to be the most dressed up {wedding, job interview, black tie party) he wears a suit. I have yet to see a top suit designer put their logo on the jacket lapel, if a logo made you look better every suit would have a logo on the outside of it.

Finally the "You have to brand your mens polo shirts - how is anyone going to find out about you?" argument. Patience. Really that's my answer.

The only thing that would keep a company from delivering an awesome product and not force marketing/unwanted pressure down their customers throats to sell more to more people is a lack of patience. ALIAL FITAL is in NO RUSH to grow.

For what - so that we make a ton of money real quick. Then what? Our mantra of "Patience Pays" allows us to keep it simple. Make 1 customer happy at a time. We are achieving this with top level customer service, a high quality product, and fairness and honesty. I trust that when our customers feel taken care of and that we delivered on their expectations they will gladly tell their friends and family about their new favorite polo shirts. Then we'll treat their referral the same way - so on and so on.

I certainly see the validity of the arguments to affix our logos to the outside of our fashion polos, I just never thought it was right for my brand and what we are trying to accomplish.

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