What's in a name?

Dani Zorn

Ever wonder how each limited edition Alial Fital polo gets named? The process is simple; We choose people, places, or things that are on our mind that day, and assign it to a polo shirt. Take, for example, the Innkeeper long sleeve polo shirt.  

When Gibran first moved to Seattle, the search began for a local watering hole in hopes of becoming "regulars." We happened upon The Innkeeper one Thursday evening, and after scanning the menu, ordered a round of Moscow Mules and one Paloma (yes...that was the inspiration behind that particular polo shirt).  They had us at first sip...and we hadn't even tried the food yet. The restaurant/bar on 1st and Wall quickly became our place, and the man behind the bar,Tom Roberson, became our guy. Hence, we paid homage to our favorite neighborhood hangout. 

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