SAMPLE SALE @ AFHQ: Friday, Feb 22nd

Dani Zorn


We're spring cleaning!

Come help us by taking home some almost perfect Alial Fital polo shirts

We need to make room for amazing new products!

WHO: Everyone and anyone who can make it! 

WHAT:  Heavily discounted, just a hair away from perfect, Alial Fital polos for purchase. 

WHEN: Friday, February 22nd, 12pm-6pm.

WHERE: Alial Fital Headquarters: 2315 Western Ave, Suite 308. Seattle, WA 98121.

WHY: Sometimes in production, Alial Fital's polo shirts aren't quite up to our standards. Maybe a thread's hanging off the collar here, or a little spec on the sleeve there...whatever it is, they just don't make the cut. BUT, this isn't the PGA Tour. These Alial Fital polos should get a second chance. 


So write it in PEN on your calendar, and come on over to Alial Fital. 

It's a party you won't want to miss. 

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