Perfect: By the Numbers

Dani Zorn

1: Perfect: being entirely without fault or defect: flawless. <He scored a perfect round of 54 at the golf tournament today>

 You have most likely heard the overused quip, “practice makes perfect.” Whether that motivates you or not, perfection is something we all strive for—or at least it’s sometimes the expectation that others have for you—in just about every area of your life. As for sports, the perfect game, round, match, score, or rating is legendary. Those who achieve the momentous achievements are forever immortalized.  Take a look at a few “perfects” by the numbers. 

  • Number of perfect games in the history of Baseball: 23

Fun fact: Seattle Mariner Felix Hernandez pitched a perfect game this past season on August 15, 2012…just before Alial Fital relocated to Seattle. 

  • Number of Quarterbacks in the NFL who have achieved a perfect passer rating of 158.3 during a season [since the start of recording ratings in 1973]: 35

 Fun fact: Peyton Manning holds the record for completing this feat 4 times.

  • Number of perfect rounds of golf, with a score of 54, completed by a PGA Tour golfer: 0

 Fun fact: BVP could change this number during the 2013 PGA TOUR. 

Our main man, Bo Van Pelt, is gearing up to play in next week’s Humana Challenge Tournament, sponsored by the Clinton Foundation and Humana. After the first 54 holes, played by both pro and amateur players, the low 70 pros and ties will play the final round. BVP, BVP, BVP....

So how does all of this apply to YOU? Let’s cheer for our guy as he starts off his 2013 season strong. And while you're at it, check out the Pursuit of Perfection golf polo for men …it’s perfect. I mean, did you take a look at the Badge of Perfect on the sleeve? Exactly. Like I said, entirely without fault or defect...flawless.

Stay tuned for live tweeting @alialfital at next week’s tournament.


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