AF Headquarters moves west

I’d say it’s about time to reveal the new HQ location. AF has moved west—1,660 miles to be exact—setting up shop in Seattle, Washington. The decision wasn’t easy. I have many loyal friends in Minnesota, and will always be fond of the place Alial Fital was conceived.  

You might be asking yourself why we would move to a place where it rains all the time, but in reality, Seattle’s average rainfall is only 37 inches compared to New York City’s average of 50 inches. I’m just saying. These three new styles might not keep you dry ........ but you might like em?


Seattle is a unique and very quirky area.  We moved into an old building finished in 1908 that used to be Bon Marche stables (horse & carriage parking lot). No remnants of horses thankfully, but the old manual elevator, wooden slats, and exposed ceilings make it easy to imagine what it used to look like way back when. I was really excited for the blank canvas and setting up shop in such a historic venue.

I’ve taken a few pictures for you all to see our new digs.

 Thanks everyone for your continued support of AF Polos. Stay tuned great/fun/awesome things to come.....

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