Tough Day @ AF

Gibran Hamdan

AF Ambassadors,

If you know me at all, you know I enjoy sharing exciting news of wins and achievements of AF Polos with you, just as it is fun to share good news with your family.  I also find it important to share those moments that aren’t so great. We are humble in that way, making sure the Ambassadors are in the know, of any and all information pertaining to this company.

This morning, AF’s PGA Golf Pro, Bo Van Pelt shared with me that he's moving forward with another sponsorship opportunity. I have been so fortunate to have Bo as an Ambassador during his successful 2012 PGA Tour, and in that, gained so much from the partnership—making new friends and fans for one—and likewise, the chance to represent a stand up guy. I wish you the best Bo, and am excited to root you on next season.

Although this is a major loss for the company, I believe with help from you all, AF Polos will continue to grow to be a successful brand, bring personable customer service and straight-laced products, to all of you classy fans. 


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