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The most gratifying thing any brand can achieve is a product that speaks for itself. The touch, feel, quality, design, experience all come through to each and every customer that lays their hands or eyes on it. That's why this recently written independent review of our Limited Edition dress polos really resonated with us.

We've copied the text from the write up by Chapeau Noir Golf - a great blog that you def. should check out. Thorough reviews of apparel, brands, and golf attire. 

From Chapeau Noir's Golf Blog writeup.....

It's time to put Alial Fital in heavy rotation

"There are certain golf shirts we favor, those we wear again and again, and those that seem to hang on the rack in perpetuity, waiting for a call that never comes. But from the minute you lay your eyes on a shirt from Alial Fital, you will instinctively know it will be in heavy rotation from that day forward.

Having had occasion to wear both The Saint and the Beyond My Solitude golf polos in the last couple of weeks, CNG can confidently state that these shirts are the finest combination of feel, craftsmanship, style, and technology worn since the inception of this site.

You instantly become a man of distinction in Alial Fital, because you're wearing something unique yet understated and refined, something that leaves no doubt in the minds of others that you know what you're doing when it comes to how you want to look.

In the three years since CNG first posted, it's been interesting to track how on course golf wear has evolved. Previously homogeneous and predictable, we're now seeing brands like Alial Fital make a strong play for your golf apparel dollar, and the way Alial Fital is doing it should make others take pause.

You will appreciate by Alial Fital's strict attention to detail, and you'll also appreciate that that brand doesn't turn you into a walking billboard, as not a single logo is outwardly present on the shirts. That said, Alial Fital does a wonderful job with packaging and personalization, creating a superior brand experience for the customer that goes further than any logo placement could, as the meticulously wrapped delivery is highlighted by the inclusion of a hand written note from the founder, ex-NFL quarterback Gibran Hamdan.

Instantly, you feel as though you part of something special. Next time you look, try finding that in your closet.

Through no real fault of our own, many of us tend to look pretty much the same in golf clothes, generally sacrificing style for function. Getting noticed has forced you to put your dignity aside and look the part of a fool, and we really all need to stop doing that. Fortunately, thanks to offerings from the likes of Alial Fital, only the ill advised will continue to sport costumes for golf.

On the PGA Tour, Alial Fital is worn by Bo Van Pelt. Check out what Van Pelt has to say about what drew him to the wear brand in the video below."

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