Bo Van Pelt and the official launch of Alial Fital Golf

Gibran Hamdan

Alial Fital on the PGA Tour 2012
We are very proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Bo Van Pelt for the 2012 PGA Tour season
    I'll be the first to admit I know very little about the sport of golf and those of you that have played with me in the past can attest, my game is so far beyond rescue that it's probably best I stick to designing menswear.
    With that said it was an amazing day for our company when one of our best customers, Bo Van Pelt, contacted me with an interest in sporting Alial Fital this season.
    For a young company like ours it's truly an honor that Bo would consider our dress polos and I personally couldn't be happier that he is our first ever golfing ambassador!

Designing Alial Fital Golf
    Full of excitement and determination we went about sourcing and designing the best possible golf specific dress polo we could - that would stand up to the needs of a professional who makes his living week in and week out on the course.
    The resulting designs for Bo incorporate high performance, moisture wicking, and UV protectant fabric coupled with the recognizable and distinctive stand up collars we're known for.

Bo's look - from head to toe
    For me personally, one of the coolest parts of our partnership was being charged with designing Bo's looks from head to toe. I focused on three specific thoughts when coordinating Bo's outfits - ensuring Bo felt comfortable, staying true to our aesthetic as a brand, and lastly the Deion Sanders quote "Look good, Feel good, Play good".
    I believe we were able to accomplish those goals perfectly in the 50+ designs we created for Bo. You can check out the entire lookbook here.

Introducing the Alial Fital Golf Dress Polo - Now Available
    In conjunction with our arrival on the PGA Tour we are very pleased to offer our golf specific dress polo shirts.
    Using the same great material we incorporated for Bo coupled with the design and customer service you've come expect, and a slightly more generous golf cut we're sure you'll enjoy taking your Alial Fital statement to a tee box near you.

Gibran Hamdan
Creative Director

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