Reflecting on our 1st Birthday

    Exactly a year ago this friday Alial Fital was launched into the wold wide web. The process leading up to it's inception was certainly equally trying and exhilarating. As I reflect back on our inaugural year it's amazing to realize that the experience has been even more amazing and rewarding than I ever could've imagined. Mistakes were made (and corrected), lessons learned (thankfully), and unexpected awesomeness occurred (surprisingly). 

    More than anything I realized how fruitful and meaningful the connection with our clients and fans is to me. I thought (mistakenly) that the biggest reward and sense of accomplishment would be derived from the coolest polo design (Spectacle of Thunder was my favorite), innovative website tool (I think the About page wins points for its functionality), or recognition (Golf Digest feature was nice). 

    As it turns out while the afore mentioned accomplishments ranked highly - it was the wonderful emails I got from very satisfied customers taking valuable time out of there day to thank and praise our mens polo shirts, the encouragement and feedback from our Facebook fans, and the word of mouth from our loyal fans to new customers that resonated the most. 

    So in reflection I must say that we may not be the biggest brand, a household name, or even profitable yet - but with that inherently comes the benefit of being able to appreciate the support and groundwork of fans like you and how important it is to us that our fans and customers always feel like they own a piece of Alial Fital.

    Thank You very much for tuning in this year whether it was by purchasing, commenting, or browsing. Here's to a 2nd year of growing a brand together. 

Gibran Hamdan
Creative Director
Alial Fital

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