Marshawn Lynch

     My friend and former teammate Marshawn Lynch has certainly found a home running for the Seattle Seahawks in the Pacific NW. I was always impressed with his unbeatable work ethic, dedication to team goals, and immense talent. 

    Seeing as Marshawn rarely sits down for interviews with the media, I was honored to have him on my tv show Hanging 10 with Hamdan during my playing days. Not only was it a lot of fun but I think it shows the fun and infectious personality that endears him to so many in the locker room.

    I thought this was as good a time as any to put these interviews up on the Alial Fital Style Blog. We're thinking it might be time for a BEAST MODE mens polo shirt. In the meantime, knowing Marshawn he'd be happy rocking our newest design the Dream of the Hero long sleeve polo shirt for men.

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