NFL Players: Can and Do make a difference

It's been a couple of years since I last dressed for an NFL game and yesterday being Tuesday I was reminded of something that gets under reported and is under appreciated about many NFL football players. You see Tuesday is the one and only off day for every NFL team, except for the 49ers who take mondays off. Something I had the good fortune of doing on many of my off days as a player was volunteering and giving back to the various communities in the cities I played in.

I was reminded of this fact yesterday as I talked to a former teammate and he mentioned he was on his way to a community service event. Since I've stopped playing, in an effort to dedicate every waking second into building a great business, I can honestly say that my charitable contribution to society through time and effort has been lackluster at best.

When was the last time any one of us spent an off day doing something charitable for others. If this statement doesn't apply to you - I want to commend you. Surely, it is difficult with all of the things on our plate these days to prioritize the importance of doing something special for others.

I've chosen to highlight some of my former teammates Bryan Scott, Fred Jackson, and George Wilson, three of the 14 members of the undefeated Buffalo Bills, who spent yesterday motivating and inspiring Buffalo area students to be physically fit and live a healthy lifestyle as part of the NFL's Play 60 movement.  

Here's to all of us following the lead of many NFL players who take the time to make a difference!


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