Alial Fital Ambassador Profile - Gil Ortega

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Happy father of 3 kids and husband, Orthopaedic Trauma surgeon, entrepreneur, author

How did you first find out/hear about Alial Fital?

Heard about from Larry Fitzgerald

Gil Ortega wearing Alial Fital men's polo shirts made in usa at the Super Bowl

Why did you originally purchase from AF?

I like originality and creativity.   AF fit my style.  The CEO designed a bad ass website, and he cares enough to send a personalized care each time.

What has kept you coming back?

The shirts.  The styles.  The fit.  The notes.

What do we offer that others lack?

Individuality.  Customer service.  Always innovating.

What’s your favorite way to wear your AF gear?

All ways.

Favorite AF piece ever?

Made in America polo shirts as worn by Gil Ortega - fan of Alial Fital

Personalized AF with my kids' initials patched on shirt.

In 10 years I’d love AF to be?

Still original

This one time I was wearing my Alial Fital and …… ?

This one time I was wearing my Alial Fital and Mark Wahlberg asked me what type of shirt I was wearing.  I should carry AF cards, as it is a pretty common question.

Mark Wahlberg and Gil Ortega - Fans of Alial Fital Made in USA polo shirts


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