The simple truth about who our american made polo shirts and apparel is designed for

Approximately 95% of our mens polo shirts are sold direct to you from this website

A few years back I did in fact launch a wholesale sales channel. I hired a salesman and devised a green grass strategy. In one year it grew rapidly, as we opened north of 50 accounts. The demand for our American made designs and quality was evident, just not in the way you might think.

I ended up deciding to shelve this profitable revenue stream due to the effect it was having on my lifestyle & the ethos of our brand. I've kept some of our favorite vendors who seem to be happy with our paired down strategy.

After the first weekend on the racks he called me and said this; This is all background to note an eye opening conversation I had with a course professional. We had shipped him his first small test order. In prior conversations, he had noted that our styles may be too far outside the box for his guests. With reservations he decided to give it a go. 

"Gibran I don't think I've ever seen anything like this quite before. We were busy all weekend so I thought your product had a good chance of doing pretty well.

On Saturday we didn't sell one shirt. Most of my members walked right passed every one of your styles. I worried for both of us.

Sunday started with more of the same. A few guests spoke up - great quality, love the American Made, & intrigued by the dress shirt collar. Yet again no sales to speak of. Then around lunch one of my guests walked in and bought every style in his size. He said "finally someone who is designing for me". This happened a few more times on Sunday and now a week later we have moved the whole order.

I learned a valuable lesson about Alial Fital.

7 out of 10 men will walk right by your styles, and while they may respect them, they will never wear them. The other 3 will buy everything you do!

Thanks for starting me off and when can I order again"

Needless to say he is one of our loyal and few wholesale accounts that I've held on to. The statement is true and part of my everyday thoughts here at Alial Fital. I want to design things that have never been seen before. I want to be the tip of the spear in the golf and fashion industry. 

This requires more education of our product and a focus on telling our story well. This is how we succeed - I cant compete with the colossal brands any other way. Their overseas manufacturing and large overhead demands that they sell to the other 7. 

Everything that is right about our product

  • Unique Design
  • Superior Fit
  • 1st class quality
  • Incredible Service
  • Outstanding Versatility
  • Combination of Style and Comfort

This is all a byproduct of the singular focus on our niche customer. His desires, needs, and wishes.

So for those of you that are AF customers or are soon to be, I am not changing. I design for those willing to Stand Apart and I've been doing so since our inception.

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