I am an artist

I am now almost 5 years into what started out as a hobby but now is a business known to you as Alial Fital. As many of you know before I produced American Made polo shirts, I was a backup NFL Quarterback. I make note of this because I came into this with no technical knowledge of fabrics, production, or design. Furthermore I had never been an entrepreneur or started a company.

Much of what has happened in the past 4+ years has been a grand experiment - me finding ways to define what it is that makes me and our company special. At times I think I've nailed it on the head and at others feel like I need to go back to the drawing table. 

One thing is for certain - based on how I set up the company, with it's limited edition runs, small handcrafted batches of shirts, and innovative never before seen designs, Alial Fital is an expression and representation of my art.

I am an artist and fabric is my medium.

While it's true that I am an entrepreneur, fashion designer, customer service specialist, marketing director, and graphic designer - the revelation that all of these jobs I have fall under the umbrella that is me being an artist and producing art that people have opinions on is a huge one.

This is a seminal moment for me in the Alial Fital adventure and I'm hoping I as the artist will be better for it and you as the fan will see the benefit as well.


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