US Open Script

Gibran Hamdan

We're taking customer appreciation to a whole new level this week as some of our best customers model Jim & Bo's US Open looks for the major this weekend. Jim & Bo were surprise entries for the US Open, both qualifying for the tournament on the last day. When that happened we knew we wanted to do something special to celebrate not just Jim & Bo's success but our awesome customers who have supported us along the way. Gibran decided to contact a few of our most loyal customers who already had some pieces from the Road to Rio collection & get their help in scripting the looks.

 Bo Van Pelt Script

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Scott Schroeder has been a loyal customer of ours since January '12 and we're lucky to have him wearing our gear at the Atlanta Country Club where he is Head Pro. Pictured here wearing our Early Light Golf Polo and White Shadow Pant.

Gage Lyons wearing Mr. Dempsey Polo & our Sign Warning pant is a great customer of ours from Clinton, IL and member of the AFAC. Gage and his family have been incredible supporters of AF since they first gave our polos a try in January '13.

JT O'Sullivan is a great friend & former teammate of CEO Gibran Hamdan. JT has been a supporter of AF from the beginning and even helps us out by modeling for AF every now and then. In this photo he's modeling our Victory & Peace polo and One Square pant.

Drew Sipos is a terrific customer from Atlanta, GA. He currently holds the top spot in the AFAC Starting 11 and we are so proud to have him wearing our gear. Drew is pictured in our Red Glare Golf Polo & White Shadow pant.


Jim Renner Script

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Jason Stockton, wearing the Parkhurst Golf polo & White Shadow pant, has been a loyal customer of ours since March '13. A Washington local he's one of our customers who we've been lucky enough to meet him in person during the couple times he's stopped by the office.

Geoff Tamman is another great customer from the Seattle area who we've had the pleasure of meeting at AF HQ. Geoff has been a supporter since September '13 and is wearing the Mr. Bradley Golf polo and One Square pant.

Jeff Sutton first gave us a shot in August '12 and has been an incredible supporter ever since. A member of the AFAC, Jeff is currently in the Starting 11 and a contender for the custom watch at the end of the year. He is wearing the Bursting in Air Golf polo paired with the White Shadow pant.

Ryan Kelly rounds out the US Open script for Jim Renner with the Mr. Donovan Golf Polo & the Sign Warning pant. Ryan has been sporting AF since August '12 & is part of the AFAC Starting 11 group as well. We're proud to have him wearing our gear in the city of Burlington, ON.

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