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Gibran Hamdan

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It's all about versatility.

I’m often asked — “Are your polos for golf or not?”. This question at it’s core highlights 2 things to me.

  1. Men’s fashion and those that cover it treat Men like 3 year olds when it comes to suggesting how we dress.
  2. I need to do a better job communicating the true value in the goods we make.

Let’s start with the first point. I read the style mags from time to time & even follow noted mens style connoisseurs on social media, the vibe I get is that men have too many RULES.

Nearly everything I read suggesting what to wear & how to wear it leads back to the stylish individual claiming you can do this or you can’t do that.

Please stop listening! Here’s why. Having knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of fashion is important. Yet, these RULES (which change from season to season) can leave you hamstrung from expressing who you are and what you like.

These same “experts” and magazines highlight stylish individuals breaking the rules all the time. It’s so hypocritical. People who are themselves and express it in a way that exhibits passion and thought are the most stylish and fashionable.

I want that for you.

In the same way a child needs boundaries, you need boundaries with fashion. Yet, many of these lessons are now self evident and illuminated to most men that care about how they look.

You wouldn’t want to place so many rules on your son or daughter restricting their individuality or confusing them. Especially when your rules change because you want to highlight a new product that’s paying for a full page spread that issue.

Are you curious about the boundaries I would suggest? I’ll list a few and 1 piece of advice (which I like a lot more than a RULE)

breaking fashion rules gibran hamdan alial fital

Boundary #1— Ensure you‘re proud of how you look & this is the best you can look today all things considered. (some days are always better than others, A+ effort is what we’re looking for. A+ effort establishes importance and value, A+ execution follows.)

Boundary #2 — Ensure you‘re appropriately dressed for the event your attending or the day ahead. (you can determine this on you’re own — you’re the one that is making the impression that day)

Boundary #3— When in doubt, tuck in your shirt.

Boundary #4 — As you’ve heard Fit is important. Do your clothes make your body look good? As it does in your birthday suit — or even better? You’re on the right track. Go with as little fabric as you can.

My 1 piece of advice — Struggling with color combos? Does a professional sports team have that color combo in the uniform? You’re good. (these unis have been around a long time and sell in droves —hired pros put them together so it’s a safe bet they work well together.)

Don’t leave it to a magazine, style influencer, or even your significant other to determine what you like, how you want to wear it, & whether you look good. You’re a grown man and are capable of doing so on your own.

I care about you finding YOUR style on YOUR own. The only way to do this is to block out all the noise a get going towards your vision of how you want to present yourself to the world.

I know 7 out of 10 guys DISLIKE our designs here at Alial Fital.

In some ways this is my barometer for success. I’m doing something different. I’m not shooting for status quo — and if you can relate to what I’m saying your not shooting for status quo either.


This all leads me to better communicating what I see as the true value of Alial Fital polo shirts.

Our Limited Edition | American Made designs are not the cheapest on the market, they are the most versatile and provide the most bang for your buck.

I wear any of our polo designs with a blazer to work every day. That’s what our dress shirt collar is for. Collar stays let the collar stand up under your jacket just as your dress shirt would. “What about your short sleeve styles Gibran?”.

50% of the time I’ve got a short sleeve dress polo under my jacket — and I’m breaking a “RULE” every time I do it. Says who and why? Nobody needs to know, I look good, and am still the best dressed dude at the coffee shop. Oh and by the way I’m also the most comfortable, due to our comfy base material.

When I leave the office to play a weekly tennis match all I do is throw some shorts on and take the jacket off. Same polo / Same day — different use. I can do this due to our moisture wicking golf fabric or our super lightweight polycotton base fabric. Both keep me cool enough while I hit some double faults.

I doubt you’ll find another garment in your closet that is as appropriate, comfortable, & fashionable in such a wide array of occasions.

Questions? Disagree? Want specific style advice that’s not in the form of a rule but more of a suggestion — leave me a note

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