A change in our sizing terms

Gibran Hamdan

bo van pelt and jim renner in alial fital mens polos

I’ve decided to make a change in how we categorize our fits to better communicate to you & especially our new customers what they can expect out of the sizing of our shirts.

Formerly named our Original Cut, the Modern Fit better conveys the trimmer fit of our uniquely designed polo styles.

In addition while Golf Cut worked in our initial transition to multiple fits, I believe Standard Fit more aptly conveys what I think is more of a universal industry standard fit.

size guide for mens shirts alial fital

For those of you that have been with us from the beginning there may be a bit of an awkward transition into these new terms, but I trust that you can understand and support our need to make it as descriptive as possible moving forward for not only you but new customers.

As always, I strive to do everything I can to make the experience the best it possibly can be for all of our loyal #AFAMBASSADORS and our future customers. I feel this falls right in line with providing the most clear and concise communication in a key area of our business.

Thanks as always for your business and support!

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