AFAC Starting 11 Gift for 2014

Gibran Hamdan

Here it is - the official Alial Fital Timepiece for 2014. 11 of these beauties were created as the top prize for our most loyal customers and ambassadors for the 2014 calendar year. It's true - our top 11 members of the Alial Fital Ambassador Club will receive this as a free gift at the end of the year. Don't know about the AFAC? Want to get in the running for one of these watches? Learn more by emailing us and requesting access.

I want to highlight that the Starting 11 is selected not only by the amount of money you spend on our clothes but helping our brand grow and supporting our cause.

We've built our brand because of loyal customers who aren't made of money but made of heart and pride in what we're doing. There's not a day that goes by that I don't know that! I want nothing more than to deliver these 11 watches to those of you who were most vital in allowing Alial Fital to keep pushing the limits and allowing me to design for another year!

So if you have the dough - sure we always love to earn your business - but if things are tight right now show us the love in other ways like

1. Telling your friends to give us a shot
2. Getting in on the Social Media Party and helping us compete
3. Get creative - we love creativity.

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